crisis communication

oltmanns Blog February 23, 2011

No company or organization is immune to crisis. A crisis, however, does not necessarily have to turn into a PR disaster. Crisis Communications is a great text for managers and executives, packed with advice on how to limit damage by acting quickly and positively. Moreover, it explains how to turn a crisis into an opportunity by communicating efficiently via a successful public relations strategy.

The chapter on Environmental Crisis Communications was written by OPR Group president Bob Oltmanns, a professor of environmental communications at Duquesne University and experienced public relations counselor in environmental crises for over 25 years.

Crisis Communications is a thorough guide to help prepare an organization for unexpected calamities. It provides information on accountability, planning, building corporate image, natural disasters, accidents, financial crises, legal issues, corporate re-organization, food crises, negative press, media training and risk managers.

Available on Amazon.com for $29.95.